Laser Er,Cr;YSGG

It is painless and is used for soft tissues such as the gum or to treat canker sores, but also to treat dental cavities without or with very little anesthesia. The laser therefore replaces scalpels, drills and chemical agents.

Radiographic OPT and CB/CT

The X-ray has a two-dimensional mode to digitally have an overview of the dental arches, but also of the maxillary sinuses and joints. The 3D mode is used for advanced diagnosis in implantology, oral surgery, endodontics and orthodontics.

Conscious sedation

The N2O delivery equipment has the purpose of solving fear and anxiety states, retching and reduced mouth opening in children and adults.


To simplify and reduce trauma in extraction surgery.

Airpolishing o Airflow

It is the new way of dealing with oral hygiene with powders that remove stains and tartar very effectively. A treatment without any discomfort or discomfort, with heated water and reduced vibrations.


To be able to perform delicate bone surgeries with great precision, such as sinus lift, in implantology, or in apicectomy and extractive oral surgery.

ITero 3D digital intraoral scanner

It is used to take a digital impression and avoid bulky pastes or plasters in the mouth. The dental technician works with the file of your teeth to be able to do prosthetic work, such as crowns, bridges and high-precision inlays. Furthermore, the I Tero scanner is used for invisible orthodontics and offers a preview of your orthodontically corrected smile. The scan is performed to monitor your treatment and view your progress.

Intra-oral camera

To show the patient what the dentist sees in his mouth.

Scialitic Light

To allow the operator to work in a perfectly illuminated field without shadows.