Snap-on Smile

26 Mar 2013 | Treatments

Snap-on Smile is a removable cosmetic prothesis

A removable cosmetic prothesis is like wearing make-up, or like dressing-up, wearing a wig or a hat. That is the effect of a Snap-on Smile. We know very well that a nice smile has a positive effect on who is around us. It takes just a fraction of a second, a fourteenth of a second, to find somebody beautiful, attractive or good-looking . How big has our smile and our teeth a part in this…..?
When you have good teeth, but they are maybe ugly because of bad color or shape or position, this could be the solution because covering them with the snap-on smile you will have regular and nice teeth. It is a non-invasive , esthetic, restorative and reversible  appliance which is economically accessible.

In Studio Moll we propose this appliance also in case of missing teeth and  for therapeutic reasons.  For example in implantology, while the dental implant is integrating in the bone, it can replace the missing teeth during this period. Also in big and complex oral rehabilitations where vertical dimensions between dental arches are being corrected.
When somebody suffers from bruxism the Snap-on smile protects the teeth against damage of the enamel by clenching and grinding your teeth. We also find it vey useful in the odontophobic patient, somebody who has great fear to undergo dental treatment. In patients with compromising medical conditions and in the elderly who don’t feel up to long and complex dental treatments.

If you are not convinced yet to place dental veneers, like the beautiful Lumineers we make in Studio Moll, or if you are not yet convinced to undergo an orthodontic treatment, it can be a non invasive transitorily treatment which helps you to decide what option to choose. Because you can see “before” and “after just taking off and putting on the Snap. So now you will know how you look with teeth in the color and shape you desire to have.
Contra-indications for this treatments have patients who suffer from periodontitis where the tooth stability is compromised. We need strong but most of all stable teeth to which the Snap-on smile can hold on to. At least four per dental arch for retention. Of course a patient during orthodontic treatment should not be wearing this appliance because it would stop teeth to move.

We can place in both the upper and the lower arch a Snap-on smile. If you think of Dracula’s teeth used during Halloween, or the Hollywood-smile actors use in different characters, this is exactly the same. You can wear it when you want also during meals even though we recommend to clean after eating for oral hygiene to prevent decay and gum problems. In fact before placing the Snap-on smile we like to make sure that major problems in your mouth are under control and cured so we can proceed and make the smile with beautiful nice white teeth which will make you feel confident and happy with your smile!