What to do the first days after surgery?

Here are some recommendations to follow in the following first 5 days:

  • Talk as little as possible, possibly with clenched teeth
  • Move the muscles of the face as little as possible (the first rinses, keep the mouthwash still on the operated part)
  • Do not touch, tease or suck on the operated part, they can miss the stitches or in the case of an extraction it can disturb the clot!
  • Keep ice on the cheek on the operated part: (20 minutes yes, 20 minutes no)
  • Sitting or semi-sitting, not lying down completely, sleeping with a few extra pillows
  • Cold and liquid or semi-liquid feed, use the non-operated part of the mouth
  • Completely abstain from smoking which greatly compromises healing and the final result of the operation.

Drug dosage

Antibiotics: 2 per day / 6 days.
Painkillers: 2 per day / 3 days.
Mouthwash: 15 seconds thrice/day until further instructions.
Vitamins/minerals: possibly 2/3 a day after medical instructions.