Since 2003 we work with lasers in Studio Moll.

The wavelenght of the laser determines where we want to use it and on which tissues. You can immagine that a laser is mini-invasive because it is only a point of light which has an impact on a very tiny surface of the tissues.

The laser leaves intact “healthy” tissues and removes “sick” ones.

A part from the fact that Laser-Dentistry opens a wide field of interest for the operator, it brings many important benefits for the patient.

Frequent questions

Why does a laser hurt just like the drill?

In fact some lasers, for example the ER,Cr:YSGG lasers in Studio Moll do not hurt.
They raise the pain threshold because your brain cannot identify a pain sensation.

There are several theories about this fenomenen: One of them is that the laser impuls is to fast.
Faster than the brain which needs any how some microseconds to register pain and send back to the muscle the message draw back.

The high frequency of the light impuls tricks your brain into thinking unidentified encounter!

Laser treatment isn't dangerous?

We certainly should not think of the lasers used in the motion picture “Star Wars”, where lasers go through everything and everybody.

Lasers used in Studio Moll are used by specially trained doctors who have a degree in laser assisted dental treatments. The laser used for dental cavities and gum treatments penetrates into tissues limited to a depth of merely 2 mm.

However Studio Moll follows stricly the rules for laser safety making the patients wear protective eye wear and also the doctors present and other personal in the room have to wear these goggles.
For every type of laser exist a different kind of goggle and wearing these the laser treatment is a perfectly safe minimal invasive treatment procedure.

You will always treat me with the laser?

We will always treat you with the laser rather than in the traditional way when there is the wright indication which will give you benefits.

Sometimes it is not possible to use the laser. For example the black amalgam fillings can not be removed by a laser because the laser ray of light will reflect on thie metal and therefore is useless here.

However we will always discuss with you and explain all the treatment options before even starting.

Do you do oral hygiene with laser?

No lasers are not suitable for that kind of treatment.

In STUDIO MOLL oral hygiene is performed with ultrasound equipment, hand instruments and finally a handpiece with brush to polish your teeth.

Is the laser treatment more expensive?

No we apply exactly the same prices for laser assisted treatments as for the traditional approach.

Can you also remove my wrinkles with a laser?

In Studio Moll we treat peri-oral wrinkles with an other type of equipment. We use Radiofrequency like Thermage to straighten out wrinkles and to improve the teixture of your skin.

The lasers present in the clinic are not indicated for these treatments. You can also try the hyaluronic acid treatments. With these resorbable fillers you have an immediate rejuvenating effect which last for 6-8 months.

Of course we only treat the peri-oral and face region and no other parts of yor body.

What exactly is a laser?

LASER means Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

A laser is a light beam which goes in one direction and has one frequency and one wavelenght.

All the energy of the light is concentrated and for that reason it has an effect on hard and soft tissues.