Aesthetics are today the first request for any dental treatment.

The mouth, the face, the smile are actually our calling card and are considered even indispensable today to be successful in life. For the mouth we dare to speak of the “pink and white” aesthetic, and extend our interest to the symmetry and smoothing of the face.

In Studio Moll we deal with a real Smile-design or the design of the smile with all its aspects, which for us is the careful study of the face and mouth.
Not only the health of his teeth and gums, but also his pleasantness with all his expressions at rest and during conversation.

Frequent questions

What is White Aesthetics?

With the term “white aesthetics” we mean all treatments that restore or accentuate the brilliance and cleanliness of the teeth.

A gray or yellow tooth is considered somehow dirty, while it can be pulled out! We do teeth whitening, to remove unpleasant stains and discolorations. We evaluate how much enamel and how many teeth we see when he talks and when he laughs. Is his smile full without a dark space or corridor between his cheek and upper teeth?
With the applications of aesthetic veneers on the teeth, if these have an unpleasant shape or color, or if they are invisible, we give a regular and “perfect” smile.

At Studio Moll we use Lumineers aesthetic veneers which are truly beautiful and come with a 10 year guarantee. The thinness of the ceramic veneer means that no preparation or removal of the enamel is required and it is a minimally invasive treatment that does not require anesthesia.

To replace the amalgam or gray lead filling in the teeth, we usually use ceramic or composite inlays that restore the color and naturalness of your teeth.
With the dental implant we replace a lost root.
In the past it was customary to involve and drill nearby teeth to place a bridge, which is now considered an obsolete practice and treatment. Instead an implant, which supports itself in the bone, gives more satisfaction even aesthetically because it looks more like a real tooth.

What is Pink Aesthetics?

Pink aesthetics is the perfect scalloping of the gingiva and the healthy pale pink color surrounding the neck of the tooth.

In a beautiful and regular smile the zenith in the garland or scallop of the gum has an equal height between the two central teeth, between the two lateral teeth and between the two canines. Among the defects of the gum can be counted the black triangle between two teeth where the triangle of gum is missing, the so-called papilla. It is a problem that could originate from periodontitis and must therefore be tackled with dexterity.

After the necessary investigations we will be able to opt for a simple therapy with only manual instruments or a laser-assisted bone regeneration intervention could be indicated in the most serious cases.

The recession of the gum in one or more teeth can be very disturbing, both due to the sensitivity of the tooth to hot and cold and because it is ugly. Here we can remedy with specific laser-assisted interventions on the gums to restore adequate coverage to the root of the tooth with gum. When we find a very sunken collar due to erosion, we have to make a filling to fill the dentin deficit and then possibly do periodontal plastic surgery.

How to intervene on the frenulum?

Sometimes, due to a frenulum, a recession of the gums can form on a lower or upper lateral front tooth.

A laser surgery solves the problem with the removal of the frenulum. The rapid healing demonstrates a covering of this type of recession after a short time.

In children, a very thick and large frenulum can be found between the upper central teeth which could also affect the too fast growth of the upper jaw and leave a wide gap between the teeth, called diastema.

A very simple and fast laser treatment removes the frenulum at the base and heals quickly without sutures or post-operative discomfort.

I have little gum and my teeth seem too long: can this be fixed?

Sometimes when the teeth are already very long and especially when several teeth are involved, next to each other, a series of black triangles can be seen due to bone and gingival sagging.

A patient may “spit” saliva while talking or unknowingly continue to suck on their teeth in an attempt to keep them free of stuck food. That problem is hard to solve, except with “white aesthetics.” That is, the tooth could be enlarged with capsules, veneers or with white composite fillings, after having treated and brought the cause of bone loss under control, which can be physiological or pathological (periodontitis).

I have too much gum (Gummy Smile): Can it be fixed?

While in a recession we lack gum, in other cases there may be too much gum!

The “gummy smile“, or the gingival smile, is not very nice to see especially when there are small teeth, because there is too much gum and too little tooth.

Here, too, a lengthening of the clinical crown is performed with the laser.
The laser removes the gum and if necessary also the bone to have the correct scallop in relation to the upper lip.

Eventually we can also intervene to correct the size of the tooth with aesthetic veneers.

How do you intervene on the dental implant?

Around the dental implant, in the pre- and post-operative phase, we can make laser-assisted soft tissue corrections in order to achieve the desired pink aesthetics.

Thickening of the gum to simulate the prominence of a root of the implanted “new tooth” may be indicated. Furthermore, it is important to deepen the space between the cheek and the implant to create a vestibule and fixed immobile tissues, a kind of gingiva (which, however, is called peri-implant mucosa) around the implant which allows correct oral hygiene.

This procedure is performed with a laser and often does not require anesthesia.
In the event that we have lost a lot of vestibule with the surgery, it may be necessary to position a membrane which prevents the regrowth of the mobile mucosa and which causes a large layer of immobile “gingiva” to grow back around the implant.

Can crooked teeth be straightened?

Treating the symmetries of the face and teeth is the specialty of the orthodontist who studies x-rays and models in order to offer you an appropriate treatment for you.

Traditional techniques can be used, but the invisible techniques obtained with lingual orthodontics are also very welcome by adults, i.e. with brackets positioned inside the tooth or with the transparent Invisalign masks, where you yourself change the mask every week to move the tooth in the right direction.

Do you also perform beauty treatments for the face?

Evaluating the peri-oral tissues, if there are so-called “barcodes” around the lips to be eliminated, or to restore the volume and turgidity of the lips, which show little vermillion when thinned, we also try to solve these imperfections with hyaluronic acid fillers or radiofrequency treatments.

By face smoothing we mean the smoothing out of peri-oral and forehead wrinkles. With radiofrequency treatment, skin rejuvenation is achieved. The light heating of the skin leads to the compaction of the skin and the relaxing and rejuvenating effect on the skin is immediately seen.

It takes a few 30-minute sessions to already achieve a very satisfactory result. With time you notice an effective thickening of the skin that previously had lost its firmness and flexibility.

Patients often come at lunchtime because they return to work immediately afterwards, and this is because the session leaves no sign apart from the newfound brightness and firmness of the skin!