Laser in Dentistry

10 May 2011 | Featured, Treatments

LASER means Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser is light with one wavelenght, one direction and one frequency. It has a decontaminating effect, an analgesic effect an anti-inflammatory effect and has a regenerative action on tissues.

Since 2003 we work with lasers in Studio Moll. The wavelenght of the laser determines where we want to use it and on which tissues. You can immagine that a laser is mini-invasive because it is only a point of light which has an impact on a very tiny surface of the tissues. The laser leaves intact “healthy” tissues and removes “sick” ones. A part from the fact that Laser-Dentistry opens a wide field of interest for the operator, it brings many important benefits for the patient.

> The laser heightens the pain threshold. In most cases we can avoid aneasthetics.
> The bacteriocidal and decontaminating effect enhances fast healing and uneventful post op.
> In soft tissues lasers prevent bleeding and other discomfort
> The absence of the the drills whistle is another factor that makes lasers preferable to traditional dentist’s drills.

We can substitute drills, blades, hand instruments and chemical agents with lasers. Of course it depends on the operator where and how and when he wants to integrate laser in your dental treatment.

Laser assisted treatments:
> Diagnosis early decay
> Preventive sealings in newly erupted teeth,
> Decay and cavity treatment
> Sensitive tooth necks
> Laser teeth whitening
> Frenectomy without sutures
> Extraction site treatment
> Gum remodeling like gingivectomy or scar removal
> Pink aesthetics likeTatoo and hyper pigmentation removal
> Canker sores and Herpes labialis treatment with immediate pain relief
> In implantology soft tissue management and peri-implantitis treatment
> In periodontology rootconditioning, crownlenghtening procedures, periodontal plastic surgery, Gummy smile
> In endodontics canal desinfection, and apicoectomy
> … and there are many more applications.
we can not apply the laser to remove old amalgam fillings or reflecting cements.

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