7 May 2011 | Treatments

Nowadays, when teeth are missing we are more and more inclined to substitute them with dental implants, which is the fixed solution where no natural teeth are involved. The dental implants are artificial roots with which we can chew and speak as with our own teeth. Ofcourse there are indications and contraindications for this treatment. Not always a dental implant can be placed instead of a removable device or a bridge placed on prepared teeth. It also depends on the patients health conditions , anatomical limitations and patients compliance.

Implants may be used to replace one single tooth but also a whole dental arch. They can be the pillars of a bridge or the stabilizing factor of a removable prothesis with buttons or bars can that clic onto the implants.

In Studio Moll we use the laser to remodel and scallop the peri-implant soft tissue and the ultrasound Piezosurgery to prepare the site of the implant. The ultrasound device works much more a-traumatic as it shakes away bone particles instead of cutting through like the traditional burs. Both are completely painless as abundant anetheatics is placed but ovviously the healing of the ultrasound preparation is much faster and uneventful. A big advantage for the patient. we like to give you an a-traumatic experience, fast healing and succesful implant therapy.

See the FAQ about implantology