Gummy Smile

12 Oct 2013 | Treatments

With a gummy smile we mean the smile which shows mainly gums and very little teeth. You see a large band of gingiva more or less pink while we expect to see teeth when somebody starts smiling. This different smile impresses because we like to see teeth beautiful and white preferably. That is why a gummy smile is not considered a beautiful or esthetic smile, because we are not used to it and we do not see it that often.

Who has a gummy smile very often also has very short teeth not in harmony with the rest of his face. Next to that this person might show also strong mimics while smiling pulling the upper lip very high up. We call it a partial gummy smile, when at one side gums are showed while on the other side teeth. In this case we have a complete irregular outline of the usual scalloped gum-design, which strikes us as a crooked mouth. Probably there is also an orthodontic problem as a cross-bite or a classIII malocclusion. The cause of gummy smiles might be a non-complete eruption of the teeth. They are stuck half way and the enamel is covered by a thick layer of gums.

The treatment of the gummy smile consists first of all of an accurate case study. The face , the mimics, the various positions of the lips with all the different smiles one has. In our dental office Studio Moll we always ask the evaluation of our specialist in Orthodontics to treat the wrong position of teeth, the cross-bites or other malocclusions. Then we take in consideration the posibility to interfere with soft tissues, the gumms, the lenght of the clinical crown of the teeth and the frenum what role they play, and finaly we study the X-rays. They are of main importance to understand the lenght of the roots. We are able to make a diagnosis now and propose a treatment planning.

In simple cases we can resolve with muco-gingival therapy which is a crown lengthening laser assisted treatment. A very effective and fast solution which results in rapid healing and very little patient discomfort. More complex cases might need orthodontics or periodontal plastic surgery. However we aim to create a highly esthetical smile and might propose therefore facings or ceramic crowns to complete the treatment. It is of big value to patients who have a new beautiful and fantastic smile and to us, Studio Moll for the great professional satisfaction it gives.