Let’s evaluate together what a real emergency is, because not all situations are emergencies.

For example a lost crown, or a lost prothesis a broken filling are not real emergencies if there is no pain involved.
On the other hand an unbearable pain is definitely an emergency. Trauma with broken or lost teeth certainly are emergencies. But also bleeding after extractions or surgery.

These are situations which need immediate and urgent attention which cannot be postponed till the next day.

In case of a broken or lost tooth caused by trauma it is indispensable to to reach within 2 hours a dental office. If a tooth is completely out off it’s socket this is essential because then we can still reposition it with a high possibility of it’s survival. We would splint the it to the neighbouring teeth so it can with time stabilize and regain it’s functionality. You can transport the in milk or in your mouth(under tongue).

When the trauma is limited to the crown we will evaluate if it is possible to re-attach it or if we need to do root-canal treatment. We will make a digital X-ray to understand the fracture line and diagnose eventual damage to other teeth or surrounding bone. We will also check your lips and cheek where splinters of enamel may have penetrated.
After that we will advice you to regularly have the tooth tested for vitality, also with radiographs. Because when a tooth looses it’s vitality a infection may develop at the apex of the root, and the tooth may change colour becoming grey. In this case we do have to proceed with the root-canal treatment.

During office hours we are always reachable at our contact details. We usually find you an appointment on the same day.

We have also an emergency number available, +39 331 6368628 for after office hours.
If there is really no possibility of an appointment we have the ANDI emergency number of the Dental Guard 340-6282779.