The dental practice complies with current regulations on safety, radiation protection, regional authorization.

Fire regulations

Compliance with fire regulations (Ministerial Decree of 18 September 2002 and Ministerial Decree of 10 March 1998).

Health emergencies

In the dental office there are always medicines, materials and tools necessary in case of health emergencies.


All the obligations foreseen by the privacy law currently in force are respected (Legislative Decree 196 of 06/30/03 and subsequent ones).

Radiation protection

This study complies with the radiation protection obligations (physical surveillance and biennial quality control) deriving from the possession and use of radiological equipment (Legislative Decree 17 March 1995, n.230).
In general, exposures to ionizing radiation are kept to the lowest level.

Regional/municipal authorisation

This dental practice has obtained regional authorization for health facilities from the Tuscany Region. D.I.A. dated 27/01/2009 protocol n.3694

The dental practice has had the authorization for health advertising according to the Tuscan regional law 23/02/1999 n.8, art.10 in the single act n.782 of 12/18/2006.


To ensure maximum hygiene and suitability of the environment, the chair and operating room surfaces are decontaminated and sanitized after each patient. We use a strict washing, sanitation and finally sterilization protocol for all instruments used with ultrasound and with an autoclave (class B).


The dental practice, its owner and collaborators operate in compliance with the regulations for the protection of health and safety in the workplace (Law 626/94).

Electrical systems

The office’s electrical system meets the legal requirements (Law 46/1990 – CEI 64-4 Standards), which all type A medical clinics must comply with. The electrical system is checked every two years as required by law .

Waste disposal

Infectious and dangerous biological waste is collected in special containers and collected by a company authorized to dispose of special waste.

The owner of the dental practice, Dr. Elena Speranza Moll, declares that the site complies with the guidelines concerning the application of articles 55-56-57 of the medical code of ethics (publicity of health information).

Dr. Elena S. Moll

Dental Practice Owner