Canker Sores, Herpes, Ulcers

10 May 2011 | Advice

Example of canker sores in the mouth

Canker sores are painful ulcerating blisters sometimes present on the soft tissues of the mouth. They look very similar to Herpes lesions. Herpes however usually appears with a solitary lesion on the gums or on the back of the tongue. Canker sores can be found on all other soft tissues and usually appear in big large or many small groups of blisters.Both occur when the immune system is down for whatever reason like for example a cold, but also small trauma caused by a toothbrush may cause a leasion.The exact cause is not known but also certain types of food or stress may influence the susceptability. Canker sores are not contagious Herpes is. Canker sores can be treated with soothing gels but a laser application removes immediately and definitely the pain and accelerates it’s healing. Who is often suffering from multiple Canker sores in the mouth might have Recurrent Aphtous Stomattis a condition caused by lack of vitamins and minerals li Fe, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12. Usually food supplements containing these missing elements help to overcome rapidly these very painful and debilitating condition of the mouth when diagnosed correctly.

Herpes, a virus, is contagious and can be found both inside as outside the mouth on lips or near the nose. For that reason kissing or other intimate contact with the mouth should be avoided. It is not known if sharing glasses or cutlery may transmit the virus but precaution is however adviced.The laser treatment can be applied with succes in all sites an will accelerate drammatically the healing process. Unfortunately once contracted this virus it wlll manifest again in the future as it not possible to eliminate completely.

Laser treatment

An ulcer may be caused by a removable prothesis or overhanging filing.In these cases it is quite painful but as soon as the cause is removed the pain is gone and the healing is rapid and takes only a few days.

When you find ulcers on very red and swollen and very painful gums, and together with that one has extremely bad breath, we can diagnose A.N.U.G., or rather acute necrotisizing ulcerating gingivitis. This condition requires antibiotic therapy and frequent rinses with cholexidine to get over the acute stadium. We find this in patients with malnutrition, immunodeficiency, HIV positives and patients with Cancer.