1 May 2011 | Treatments

A bad breath is a problem that affects one’s social and intimate atmosphere, especially when you are not aware of it and for that reason send people away or make them pull back while speaking. Which are the reasons and which are its remedies.


Certain species of bacteria develop inside the plaque, which is present on teeth and also on the back of the tongue. They have sulphuric products as metabolic waste and this emanates a particularly heavy smell.
With proper daily oral hygiene measures halitosis caused by plaque can be easily resolved. The electric toothbrushes can efficiently remove plaque, better than hand brushes. The tongue must also be brushed with toothpaste and a toothbrush that has a large head or with the specific tongue-scraper.


When your gums are red and inflamed and bleed with the lightest contact, you suffer of gingivitis. If you do not cure this inflammation the next stage is periodontitis or pyorrhea where not only the gums but also the underlying bone is involved. People with inflamed gums have a very recognizable bad breath. The blood will remain on the border but especially underneath the gum line and decomposes which has its specific odour. Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis consists of a professional oral hygiene session at the dentist’s. The removal of plaque and tartar that cause the inflammation is usually sufficient to restore a pleasant breath. Eventually if necessary the dentist might propose the curettage of root surfaces to deal with the problem of periodontitis. It is of utmost importance that you maintain a high level of daily oral hygiene to always keep a fresh breath. It is highly recommended to also brush your tongue where the same bacteria and plaque are housing.


When you have a cavity it can, apart from pain cause also unpleasant breath. Because you might not have cleaned this tooth very well because it hurt, or because the decay is extended to the gums, which consequently inflames because of plaque retention. Usually we can quickly treat the cavity in one visit. Oftentimes together with the decay we find a thick layer of plaque or tartar, for which we advise professional oral hygiene to eliminate another possible reason of bad breath.


Sometimes after an extraction for a longer period of time an unpleasant taste and an inauspicious breath can exist in your mouth. This could depend on the healing time of the extraction site. If the healing is altered you may also feel pain in the zone where the tooth used to be. It is important refrain from smoking because it slows down to 50% the healing process and dries out the extraction socket ( dry socket) which is very painful and takes a long time to heal. In this case you must go to the dentist for an appropriate treatment.

Cause 5 : DRY MOUTH

A dry mouth may cause a bad breath. Sometimes a lack of saliva is caused by medicines or by stress, by hormonal changes, and/or by the smoking. It is also caused by some illnesses such as for example Sjøgren disease, but it can also be simply caused by you drinking too little water during the day. If augmenting water consumption does not cause any change and the dryness of the mouth persists it is advisable to contact the dentist or family doctor.
Having a sore throat is one of the most common reasons to have halitosis. To rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash or just water and salt can help.

cause 6 : FOOD

Foods such as garlic, onion but also yoghurt, milk and cheese often leave an heavy breath and each of them produces its distinct odour. Alcohol abuse gives an altered breath similar to a heavy smoker who has a breath problem difficult to hide. We should brush our teeth, but also our tongue in order to have a mouth which is really fresh.


Is one of the most comon causes of bad breath. If it is persistant a cure prescribed by your family doctor should resolve the sore throut and thus the bad breath disappears with it.


Only a small percentage of people with halitosis has as the source of the problem a malfunction or disease of the digestive system. However people who fast for the whole day but also those who skip breakfast or eat very little may have the same problem of bad breath without realizing it!