1 May 2011 | Treatments

Prior to any treatment that may involve pain, the treated area will be anesthetized with local infiltration or with lower jaw anaesthesia. The treatment begins only when you feel no pain. You will experience numbness, which will slowly disappear after the session. If a treatment can be done with laser, anaesthesia is often not required, as laser has a strong analgesic effect. When anaesthesia has no effect on an untouchable tooth, laser will allow us to carry out a treatment and eliminate pain.

Anesthesia preparation

There are contraindications to anaesthesia if, for example, you suffer from heart disease or blood pressure alteration, if you underwent a transplant, or in any case if you are allergic to anaesthetics or to their components, or have been advised not to use anaesthetics for other reasons. In the event of an already known allergy, you should come with the antihistamines (such as Zirtec) prescribed by your doctor.
Anaesthesia and the use of drugs in general are not recommended during the first quarter of pregnancy.

During breast-feeding, instead, due to filtering processes and metabolism, only an insignificant percentage of the molecule of the anaesthetic agent reaches the newborn and is therefore harmless. However, we suggest a feed immediately before any administration of an anaesthetic drug, while the milk produced immediately after administration should be discarded. Otherwise, as a further precaution, express with a breast pump the amount of milk needed by your baby for the following half-day.

Anaesthesia may not work in the event of serious tooth nerve inflammation. The laser approach usually solves the problem when it is “too painful to even touch the tooth”. The dental laser does not actually touch the tooth. Laser pulsations travel faster that the pain signal to the brain. Thus it numbs the nerve and the cavity is removed with no pain.
Anaesthetics may not work to the best if the patient is alcoholic or abuses drugs.

Prior to administration of any type of anaesthesia you must fill in and sign the anamnesis form and answer all questions concerning your health.