Aesthetics & Smile design

6 May 2011 | Treatments

Today the main request in any dental treatment is aesthetics. In fact your mouth, your face and your smile are actually your visit card and might even be considered today indispensable for a successful life. If we are talking about a mouth, we have to mention the white and pink aesthetics. We furthermore extend our interest to the last third and second / third part of the face. We take in consideration the symmetry and smoothness and texture of the skin and lips. Evaluating the the peri-oral tissues we may find the so called barr-code wrinkles around the mouth or we might want to boost the turgidity of thinning lips. These problems are resolved with hyaloronic acid fillers and radiofrequency treatments.

In Studio Moll we occupy ourselves with true Smile Design or rather the complete makeover of difficult and embarrassing smiles. To do this we study with our staff, not only the smile but also all the movements, like the way of speaking and chewing. We need to know what you show, when. How much tooth is exposed how much gums, or do we see black spaces as if no teeth are present. We have to take everything in consideration to come with the solution that satisfies the patients aesthetic requests but also the functionality and health of the whole mouth.