Dental Practice Owner

Dr. Elena S. Moll

Enrolled in the Register of Doctors and Dentists (n.544)


  • 1988 – Degree in Dentistry from the University of Amsterdam
  • 1989 – Start-up of the Dental Practice in Scandicci
  • 1993 – Acquisition of the Dental Practice, now Studio Moll
  • 1995 – Oral surgery at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands
  • 1996 – Specialization course in Periodontology (GTR)
  • 1997 – Implantology specialization course of the ITI system (advanced bone regeneration techniques)
  • 2002-2003 – Advanced course on use of lasers in dentistry, University of Florence
  • 2003 – Laser Surgery School of the National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy
    • Mod.I: “Laser surgery of the oral cavity and otorhinolaryngology”
    • Mod. II: “Laser surgery of the skin and transitional integuments”
  • 2004-2005 – Specialization course in Oral Pathology, University of Florence
  • 2005 – “Cosmetic Laser Surgery” at the National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy
  • 2007 – 2008 – Modules I + II Oral Laser Applications, University of Vienna
  • 2011 – Lumineers certification course
  • 2012 – Certification course in peri-oral treatments with hyaluronic acid
  • 2014 – Invisalign certification course
  • 2016 – EUMAA European Master of Invisible Orthodontics
  • 2017 – Clinical course of Low Friction Straight Arch technique
  • 2019 – Conscious Sedation certification course

Dr. Moll is a speaker at national and international congresses and conferences (5 continents) with presentations, courses and updates in which she presented and taught the laser techniques she developed with the thread of treatments based on Clinical Evidence in Periodontology and Implantology and their integration with 2780 nm wavelength laser applications.

Topics presented from 2003-2018 in over 40 congresses, symposia and master classes:

  • “Periodontal and peri-implant tissue management: Applications of an Er,Cr;YSGG-Laser”
  • “Laser-assisted Clinical Crown-lengthening: Mucogingival surgery with an Laser”
  • “Laser-assisted approach for acute purulent Periodontitis (ANUG) treatment”
  • “Laser-assisted Connective Tissue Graft harvesting”
  • “Laser-assisted Guided Tissue Regeneration”
  • “Laser-assisted Extraction and natural scaffold formation”
  • “Laser–assisted Resective Periodontal surgery & Tunnelization techniques of class II-III furcation in lower molars”
  • “Laser-assisted Vestibulum plastique and second phase implant recovery”
  • “Laser-assisted palatal-extension flap in Implant surgery”
  • “Peri-implantitis treatment by Laser-assisted implant decontamination and Guided Bone Regeneration”
  • “Laser-assited bone de-corticalization in peri-implantitis defects”

JOLA International Journal of Oral Laser Applications 7:4,2007 “Natural Scaffold Formation after Er,Cr;YSGG-laser irradiation: Case report of a Laser assisted extraction”

Laser Vol.3,2010:28-31. “Er,Cr;YSGG-Laser assisted GTR in periodontal surgery”

Languages: Dutch, Italian, English, German, French

Italian Society of Periodontology
International Society of Oral Laser Applications
Italian Association of Sedationists Dentists ANDI
Koninklijke Nederlands Maatschappij Tandheelkunde

Periodontology since 1995. 1996
Working extensively with the laser, Dr. Moll has developed extensive knowledge of its applications, with comprehensive clinical documentation on laser-assisted treatments. She was able to share her experience with many colleagues as a speaker at various congresses and conferences in Italy and around the world. She has written and published articles on the subject in international scientific journals.

Dr. Moll manages the Practice with specialist orthodontic consultations in order to be able to offer the patient under treatment the various options of the on-site treatment plan, both for children and for adults.

Since 2005, Studio Moll has had a fruitful collaboration with Dr. Giuseppe Citino and, when deemed useful, makes use of consultations for functional, prosthetic, surgical or aesthetic reasons.

After studying the case of the individual patient, the orthodontist evaluates the need for treatment which could be a simple movement of a tooth, or a real orthodontic rehabilitation could be, also making use of invisible techniques such as Invisalign and lingual orthodontics alongside to traditional orthodontic appliances.

Finally, Studio Moll also makes use of the advice of a specialist in Endodontics for more complex root canal treatments.

ANDI, National Association of Italian Dentists

Dr. Moll participates in the Association’s initiatives to inform the public about oral health. It is present at the “Prevention Month” event in October in Florentine squares and fairs: a gazebo equipped with armchairs and the necessary equipment for free visits is set up for the occasion.

Oral Cancer Day

Dr. Moll participates in the event to talk about oral cancer prevention, and to fight against the abuse of the profession, informing the public about the work of false dentists responsible for the great biological damage to unsuspecting patients.


Specific courses are provided for teachers, also, as an ANDI dentist, Dr. Moll carries out free sealings on children aged 7-8.

Personal note

I have a great passion for my profession and teaching courses and teaching colleagues is a highly stimulating activity that offers a lot of gratification.
However, today I prefer communication with my patients, at whose request I created the Studio Moll YouTube channel.

In over 120 short videos I answer many questions received in 30 years of work as a dentist, dealing with and explaining topics of various kinds, from implantology to orthodontics, from fear management to halitosis problems.

The channel has now become a point of reference for patients and also for other colleagues who draw inspiration from it for their disclosures.

It makes me happy to be able to leave my “Professional Footprint” for the world forever.

Dr. Elena S. Moll

Owner, Studio Moll